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My Shoe Stock

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Creative collection of your own shoe stock with photos.

Enter each of your shoe with the manufacturer, the type, color, location, a photo, and the number of the shoe box or whatever else is important to you and you will find your shoes easier, clearer and quicker in your shoe stock.

What shoes lurking in your closet?
Do you have an overview?
Which shoe is where?

With "My Shoe Stock" you get back on top of your shoes.
Make an stock of your shoes and find yourself comfortable sitting back on your couch and plan the next day with the right shoe.

Take the opportunity to download the app for free and make yourself familiarize with it, without any risk. Are you happy and you want to add more than 6 shoes, you can purchase the in-app purchase "Unlimited number of shoes" in order to enter unlimited shoes.


- Entering of shoes (manufacturer, type, color, location, number of shoe box, photo, etc.)
- Alphabetical listing of your shoes
- Free text search within the shoe collection
- Detail view of the shoes ​​with the focus on the photo you have taken

Your benefits

- You have your shoe collection always there, even when shopping
- Prepare your shoe selection for the next day from the comfort of the couch
- Find your boots faster (e.g. red or sandals)
- You remember what shoes you have


My Shoe Stock for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch