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Determine the chance and enjoy your music.

You would like to hear music?
But do not know what?
And the everlasting skipping is a pain?

Then the Music Picker is made for you.

Music Picker makes it possible to select single songs or whole albums, simple and intuitive by chance.

Make music a pleasure.


  • Save time during the music choice
  • Make decisions with the help of your feeling
  • Determine the chance
  • Rediscover your own music collection
  • Enjoy your music in a pleasant and varied way
  • Accept your own choice and skip less tracks
  • Fast, simple and intuitive choice of whole albums or single tracks from your own music collection via chance
  • Reverse and random arrangement of playlist tracks
  • Put together a temporary playlist
  • Easy to use
  • Play on preferred media player, e.g. Windows Media Player, Nullsoft Winamp, VideoLAN VLC, iTunes etc. (*WO)
  • The features marked with (*WO) are only available in the Music Picker Version for Microsoft Windows (*WO = Windows Only)

How does this work?

The Music Picker lets you choose the music with the help of your feeling and by determine the chance. The difference is a higher acceptance of the by chance selected music, because you determine the chance in a higher portion and experience a bigger feeling of control, as if a normal media player jumps by chance through a part or to the whole music collection by themselve. Therefore the music titles are skipped more seldom and so the playback is less interrupted.

By the unique and easy to use graphical user interface of the Music Picker whole albums or single tracks can be selected very fast and put together to an own playlist. Therefore the time to select music sinks rapidly. By determining the chance, the potential of your own music collection is also fully used. The chance combined with the unpredictable and individual decision of yourself, leads, in this case, to an even higher probability, to hear diverse music, which you can also accept for yourself.

It also can be very funny to select a track via feeling related to the current situation. What? Think and feel about your current situation! What's up? Grab the Music Picker, choose a track by selecting the button that attracts you and look at the track title. Is it related to your situation? For example: One time I missed my new girl friend (don't tell her), then I grabbed the Music Picker, choosed a track and it was "Rammstein - Sehnsucht". A german song about desire. I laughed, listened to the song and after that the desire was less then before and I felt better and looked forward to see her again, instead of missing her and being sad.

Determine the chance and enjoy your music.


Music Picker for Windows
Music Picker for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Music Picker for Android


Music Picker running on an iPhone 4

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December 21, 2010

Music Picker - Determine the Chance