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Balance Your Life

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The game of your life.

Software for the right balance.

Collect points of experience for your own action and change your life.

Our life exists of many areas: job, friends, family, health, sport, hobbies, household, partner and many more. To be happy, we try to integrate all areas into our life. We dedicate our attention and our lifetime to them. The right balance is not always to be found easily and often we lose the overview or do not notice at all or too late we determined areas neglect or other dedicate too much time.

Balance Your Life allows you to occupy you playfully with your own life areas, to become conscious by you of your lived priorities and to control this by your own action. How does this go? Quite simple. In Balance Your Life you create for each of your areas of life simply an entry. After 24 hours you will be able to assign points for the single areas. For every area you have created, you get a point which you can assign. How you distribute the points, takes down on how you rate the past day. Besides, you should be honestly with yourself, embellish nothing and find your own weighting.

Now you can look at any time on your mobile device where at the moment your priorities lie and maybe it urges you to act today more in the household or to start to find a partner. What is missing? What is too much? What is too less? Change your life.

It’s the game of our life, to find the right balance. Now the severity is set to "easy".

With "Balance Your Life" the user will playfully be able to get familiar with his own areas of life and easily realize how much attention and time he devotes to which areas.

The ease of use and the real life concept makes the application unique. The user enters his areas of life into the software and evaluated every 24 hours the previous day, via a very simple point system. At the end a simple statistics shows the balance, which was determined by the actions of the user. It is so easy to keep your life in sight now!

The software also supports the memory, because the user is asked every day to remember what he did yesterday. The daily assessment also leads to changes in the own weighting of events and could long-term lead to the stabilization of new activities or provide the incentive to try new things and change the own self-image and feeling positive.

The software is suitable, inter alia, to support and stabilization during or after a work-life balance coaching.


  • Create your own areas of life
  • Assign points after 24 hours to every area of your life
  • Know your priorities and control your action
  • Gain new motivation through game fun and ambition
  • Stabilize new activities
  • Improve your memory and your self-image
  • Customize your area view with your own icons (only in iOS and Android version)
  • Switch between percent and points view (only in J2ME version)
  • Open the detail view for the selected area (only in J2ME version)


Balance Your Life for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Balance Your Life for Android
Balance Your Life for Java (J2ME) enabled mobile phones

Review (Aug 25, 2010)

Review by theiphoneappreview.com

Press release (June 22, 2010)

Balance Your Life - Software for the right balance


This information refers to the J2ME version of Balance Your Life.

How can I create my own areas of life?

After you installed Balance Your Life on your mobile device, you can start to create your own areas of life. To do so, just start the application and open "Areas". From there you can choose "New area" and enter a name for the area e.g. "Friends". To find and name your own areas of life, just think about your life: What you are doing and how would you describe it? Examples for areas of life: Family, Job, Friends, Love and relationship, Hobbies, School, Studies, Sport, Health, Relaxing, Party or whatever you want.

How can I assign points to my areas of life?

To assign points to your areas of life, you will need to live your life for 24 hours and after that time you will have another option in the main menu: "Assign points". Open "Assign points" and distribute the points to the areas. When you distribute all points then you will have the option to save.

How should I distribute the points?

How you distribute the points comes down in how you rate the past time. So think about what you did and how do you feel about it. Was it a good time, was it amazing? And why it was like that? Maybe you did something you never did before, or maybe you did something were you had fear before. So rate for your self. Find your own weighting. Maybe you are shy and you smiled at a woman and she smiled back? It was a short moment, but it was good for you, maybe the next time you will start to talk to her? So give points to "Love and relationship" or whatever you named it. So it is not all about how much time you spent to something or with someone. It is also the intensity and the quality that it has to you.

Why should I use Balance Your Life?

It is one way to start to change your life. If you repeat using Balance Your Life for a longer time you can find out new things about yourself. You find out what you are realy doing with your life and you see that you can change it if you want. Just start thinking about your life, be honestly with yourself and embellish nothing.